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Chimpex has turned 50 years in 2021

Through our practice and internship programs, we welcome young professionals who will continue to develop the spirit of Chimpex for the following years.
It is with great honor that we have launched for the 4th year in a row our Annual Internship program, despite the global pandemic. In partnership with Universitatea Maritimă din Constanța „Mircea cel Batrân” Naval Academy and Universitatea „Ovidius” din Constanța, 10 students have started a 2-months internship program in Chimpex.

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Happy 50th Chimpex!

It is with great joy and pride that we mark 50 years since Chimpex, an Ameropa Group company, was incorporated. The Chimpex brand has transcended over time as a symbol of resilience, integrity and competence. The longevity of a company does not come from its name, location or assets. It comes from its people. For 10% of our employees, Chimpex has been their only job for the past 30 years. Through our practice and internship programs, we also welcome young professionals who will continue to develop the spirit of Chimpex for the following years. We would like to thank all our employees and partners for their hard work and dedication to make Chimpex what it is today.

Happy anniversary Chimpex! Together on this journey!

The light in the heart of Constanta

It’s carols’ time! It’s time to give joy, so, Chimpex and Ameropa Grains, part of Swiss-based Ameropa Group, together with Constanța City Hall, have covered the heart of Constanta city in lights and Christmas balls!

The vault of lights, the Christmas balls and fir garlands, the winged angels, all of these are the fairytale setting of Oleg Danovski park that fills with joy and hope the soul of Constanța people.

May the end of the year be a special moment of true celebration, dedicated both to the employees of Chimpex and Ameropa Grains, as well as to all the inhabitants of Constanta!

You can view the photos of the decorated venue and give a vote by accessing the link:


Chimpex, part of the Swiss Ameropa group, supports the local community in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the request launched by the Clinical Emergency Hospital " St. Andrew Apostle" in Constanța, Chimpex has provided the specially designated room for COVID-19 infected patients in the Intensive Care Section for Adults, with two intensive beds of intensive care, as well as with aspiration systems with closed circuit. The room is also equipped with advanced cardiac monitoring and high-performance mechanical ventilation.

The sponsorship was made through our partner, Project Romanian Rescue Foundation.

At the same time, within the company, important resources have been allocated and additional measures have been implemented to protect the employees and to limit the infection with the COVID-19 virus, in line with the international recommendations, as well as those issued by the Romanian authorities.

Chimpex reaffirms its role in the local community and gets involved promptly, when needed.

Chimpex gets involved again in the local community - The gift box

Chimpex - an Ameropa Group company continues to support the local community by being close to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. On December 19, 2019,. Chimpex caravan, loaded with gifts reached fifty children from disadvantaged families from Valea Dacilor, Siminoc, Valu lui Traian and Constanta. Chimpex offered fifty bags with food. At the same time, the company employees joined this initiative and prepared fifty gift boxes for the children. Santa Claus’ elves were represented by the children from the two foster homes of P.R.R. foundation who handed together with Chimpex team the gifts to the children.

On the long term, through such projects, Chimpex reaffirms its role in the local community, and gets involved in helping disadvantaged cases.

One-day volunteer - Chimpex gets involved in the local community

Twenty five orphan children or coming from disadvantaged families belonging to PRR Foundation in Murfatlar will enjoy a warmer home starting this year and the winter season will no longer be a problem.

During the period 5-9 August 2019, some of Chimpex employees joined forces together with professional workers in order to thermally rehabilitate one of the orphanages of PRR foundation.

Therefore, Chimpex, part of Swiss-based Ameropa Group continues its commitment to support the local community, to be close to those who have fewer chances of enjoying a normal childhood. On the long term, through this type of projects, Chimpex reaffirms its role in the local community and respects the way in which its employees choose every time to be involved in social cases.

Equipped for life - Chimpex gets involved in the local community

Through the educational project – Equipped for life - a project aiming to prepare children from disadvantaged families for the future, Chimpex organized computer training courses during the period July 22 to August 2, 2019.

Several children from PRR Foundation family houses in Murfatlar and Valu lui Traian were the beneficiaries of these training and initiation courses, provided by GMB Computers and financed by Chimpex. The graduation certificates obtained after completing the training courses, ECDL Equal Skills, are recognized at the European level, offering the trained children a reliable and trustworthy guarantee for their future development.

Chimpex - an Ameropa Group company and one of the most important operators in the Port of Constanța, believes that only by getting involved at the local level and supporting the community it can generate more individual value, which will be reflected in building tomorrow's society. It is well known that the Ameropa Group pays a special attention to its involvement in the local community through various social responsibility projects carried out both at local and national level.

Equipped for Life is one of the many projects through which Chimpex is involved in the development and education of the future generations and demonstrates that it is an important business and social pillar of the society.

On the long term, through such projects, Chimpex reaffirms its role in the local community, and plans to continue to develop new projects in the future.

New Chimpex grain terminal completed

In time for the wheat harvest 2017, our new world scale grain terminal in Constanta has been completed.

The new state-of-the-art terminal has a storage capacity of 200,000 tonnes on 20 vertical cells, can receive cargo by barge (1 x 400 tonnes per hour), truck (2 x 400 tonnes per hour) and rail (1x 400 tonnes per hour), and has a vessel loading rate of 2 x 800 tonnes per hour.

The investment over 42 million EUR is part of Chimpex’ and Ameropa’s ongoing commitment to provide best-in-class services to its customers, protect the environment, and ensure a safe working environment for its employees.

A new CSR project developed by Chimpex
Chimpex is assembling, the kids are pedalling

Chimpex, one of the largest port operators in Constanta, is involved in the social life of the community through CSR projects developed together with its employees. Between 22 – 26 of May, 2017 Chimpex organized a team building for the company employees, with CSR purpose, entitled “The troublesome bike”.
The project “The troublesome bike” gathered Chimpex team members in finding the hidden pieces of the bikes and then assembling them in a determined period of time. The assembled bikes were donated by Chimpex to the children of a foster home in Constanta. Through this project and through the employees’ involvement, Chimpex succeeded in bringing a smile on the faces of those who can’t be fully happy.
Chimpex has always considered of great importance and has paid special attention to the CSR projects, offering moments of joy especially to the kids from foster homes. This project is part of a series of projects with CSR purpose developed by Chimpex.
On long term, through this type of projects, Chimpex reasserts its role in the local community and respects the way company employees choose each time to become involved in helping disadvantaged cases.

Free English language classes for the children of our employees.

Under the motto “We want to invest together in our children’s future”, Chimpex launched during the month of April 2016 a program by which the employees can freely register their children aged 3 - 12 to English language classes. On 23rd of April, 17 children and their parents took part in a free English language workshop, during which the parents had the chance to find out more about the English classes, while the children enjoyed an Easter workshop. The classes are organized by Helen Doron, a global institution with over 30 years of success in teaching English to children of all ages.

Chimpex has signed a EUR 27 million loan agreement with BCR to build a new grain terminal at the Black Sea.

The contract was signed on March 11 and has a duration of 10 years. Chimpex will use the loan to build a terminal with a capacity of 200,000 tons in the Port of Constanta. The terminal will have an operating capacity of over 3.5 million tons of grains per year (wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, etc.) and will allow simultaneous unloading from trains, trucks, barges and loading to PANAMAX vessels up to 63,000 tons.

Chimpex receives approval for construction of new grain terminal

Chimpex, an Ameropa subsidiary based in Constanta Romania, is pleased to announce that it has received the approval from the local authorities for the construction of a new grain terminal. This project is worth 44 million Euros, which represents a major investment for Chimpex as well as the port of Constanta. On-site work operations are underway, and the project is expected to be completed in two years. Once construction has finished, Chimpex will have the capability to operate a state of the art terminal capable of storing 200’000 tons on 20 vertical cells along with a loading rate of 2 x 800 tons per hour. This investment is part of Chimpex’s and Ameropa’s ongoing commitment to provide best-in-class services for their customers, protect the environment, and ensure a safe working environment for their employees.

Chimpex finalize a new investment project of storage increase capacity: 63C horizontal warehouse for sugar storage. The new warehouse with a surface of 4500 sqm and a maxim height of 9,5 meters will allow Chimpex to store approx. 25’000 mt of bulk sugar in excellent conditions.

There’s a new record in handling 1.045.000 MT Congratulations to all Chimpex employees

Constanta, Romania
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